Contribution modalities and presentation language


Proposals for ORAL PRESENTATIONS, POSTERS, SYMPOSIUMS, ROUND TABLES and WORKSHOPS by way of summary submission can be sent in only through the electronic application found on this page.

A maximum of 3 proposals by the same author can be sent.

The main language of the conference is English. It is possible to propose a contribution and make your presentation in any other European language (in both cases the same language should be used). The language in which each proposal is presented will be indicated in the program. As far as possible, we will try to group sessions per language.


These presentations will be grouped by the scientific committee attending to the network the paper is registered for.

Author(s) will present abbreviated versions of their research or work. Each presentation is allocated 10 minutes for presentation, and 5 minutes for discussion.

Length: 15 min.

ABSTRACT: 250 – 300 words

Each poster will be exhibited in its designated place and time, and during that session, the authors will explain their paper to all interested parties.

The accepted posters will be grouped by the scientific committee according to the theme of the presentation.

The authors of the posters should bring their papers ready to be displayed. The Conference will make appropriate panels available for their exhibition.

The poster should be 90cm x 120cm (vertical format)

ABSTRACT: 250 – 300 words

This is a session organised by the person submitting the symposium proposal. It allows several speakers (from 4-6) to deliver addresses on a common topic and then engage in interaction with each other and with the audience.

Length: 1.45 hours.

For the submission of proposals, the coordinator of the symposium should send in a general abstract with a list of the presenters that will participate, and an individual abstract of each announcement according what the application indicates.

ABSTRACT: 500 – 600 words

The organizer of the round table presents the problems and issues. Each participant present details and discussed with a small audience. This format is appropriate for papers addressing topics best pursued through in-depth discussion.

Length: 1.45 hours.

For the submission of proposals, the organized should send a general abstract mention all participants, including the titles and abstracts of their presentations.

ABSTRACT 500 – 600 word


The organiser/s (from 1-3 persons) conduct/s activities in which participants will learn about a certain approach or tools.

Length: 1.5 hour

For the submission of proposals, the coordinator of the workshop should send in a general abstract with a list of these activities.

ABSTRACT 500 – 600 words

Deadlines and proposals acceptance process




Announcement of call for papers

June 1, 2016

Deadline for abstract submission

December 18, 2016

Notification of accepted proposals

from January 25, 2017

Submission of full article*

June 30, 2017

Registration of authors

Up to April 30, 2017

The Scientific and Organizing Committees will review the summaries of the proposals received in a timely manner to consider their inclusion in the Program, and will inform authors of acceptance or rejection within the period specified. Also, they will reserve the possibility to decide in the case of oral communications and posters- the final format of presentation.


Accepted abstracts will be published, in printed format and with its perceptive ISBN, in the Book of Acts of this event which will be presented at the time of accreditation.

After receiving the acceptance of the proposal, it is required that at least one of its authors, confirm their participation in the Conference by doing a registration and presenting their work as part of the program. Sending the full version of the accepted proposals (see specific section) will be done through e- mail, by sending a file whose name corresponds to the number of document (Identity Card or Passport) of the first author.

The final program will be published in the “Program” section of this website at the end of May 2017, assuming no changes after this date.

After the realization of this event will be a specific publication, which may include the full versions of the proposals that the Scientific Committee selects for this purpose.

Accreditation of participation in the European Conference

Certificates of presentation will be given to all persons who, inscribed in the Conference, participate by submitting a proposal (in case of non-acceptance of the proposal, the author may request a refund of the registration fee minus administrative costs)..

The defense of the contribution may only be carried out by the authors who are registered at the Conference.

The presentation certificate to the proposals that are not submitted on the day and time scheduled in the program will not be provided .



First name (requerido)

Last name (requerido)


Type of identification document:

Identification number:

E-mail (required)

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Residence address



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Co-Author 1. Firt and last name Institution:

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Attach file in Word -Microsoft Office- or Writer -OpenOffice- format, keeping the number of words indicated in each case. The file must be named with the document number of the first author

I accept the terms and conditions (required)


After the realization of this event, the full versions of the proposals accepted by Scientific Committee will be published, in electronic format and with a specific ISBN number. This full version should be send before June 30, through email:

General Guideline:

  1. Text size: 10-12 pages (DIN A4) –see information note 1-.

  2. Type of letter: Calibri 11pt, 1.5 line spacing. Size titles 13pt, bold letters. Text without pages numbers, headers and footers.

  3. Margins: top 2,5; left 2; right and bottom 1,5.

  4. File in .doc or .docx format (not pdf). The file must be named with the document number (DNI or Passport) of the first author.

General structure to all proposals:

  • Proposal presented in (Conference or Forum).

  • Type (paper, round table/symposium; workshop; oral communication; poster).

  • Title: Capital and blondes letters.

  • Authors/home institutions and email: small bold letter –see information note 2-.

  • Key words (between 3 to 5 words): normal text.

  • Abstract: normal text (maximum 12-15 lines).

  • Introduction.

  • Objectives

  • Description of the research or of the experience presented

  • Results and/or conclusions

  • References (following the rules APA 6th edition)

Information note 1

In the cases of round tables or symposia in which a large group of authors participates, the length of the text can be doubled (to cover up to 20 or 24 pages) following the general rules indicated. In no case will be accepted the individual texts of each member.

Information note 2

Include in the full text (10-12 pages in lenght) the section dedicated to presenting, briefly, who is/are accountable for this work. According the publication style, the space dedicated to each member must not exceed 40 words in length (even if the work is submitted by a single person).