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Daniel Cassany is a Discourse Analysis teacher and researcher at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). He has a degree on Catalan Philology and a Ph.D. on Educational Sciences. He has published more than 15 books about written communication and language teaching in Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese, like Describir el escribir (1987); La cocina de la escritura (1993); Reparar la escritura (1993); Construir la escritura (1999); Tras las líneas (2006); Taller de textos (2006), Afilar el lapicero (2007) and Enseñar lengua (1993, with more authors), and also more than100 texts, between scientific articles in bulletins and reviews, also in English and French. He has been visiting professor in postgraduate courses, masters and Ph D. programs at universities and institutions of more than 25 countries, in Europe, America and Asia. His last research project is ICUDEL and this is his personal webpage.

Delia Lerner is a researcher in the area of Reading and Writing Teaching, author of several publications. Nowadays she leads an inter-didactic research about Reading and writing as tools for Natural and Social Sciences learning (UBACyT Project, Institute for Education Sciences Researches – University of Buenos Aires).
She is Permanent Professor Consultant at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). She is responsible for several Post-Grade Seminars, one of them “Teaching of Language Practices. State of research” which is a compulsory Seminar of the Master Degree in Writing and Literacy of the National University of La Plata (UNLP).
She is academic advisor in the Teaching Specialization “Literacy in the Pedagogic Unity”, a project developed cooperatively between The National Education Ministry and eleven National Universities in Argentina.

She is advisor for teacher training projects about Reading and Writing in Argentina and Brazil. She is frequently invited to dictate Post-Grade Seminars, Courses and Conferences in different Latin-American Countries.

Professor Anne Ruggles Gere holds appointments in the Department of English as well as the School of Education, and she is Chair of the Joint Ph.D. in English and Education and Head of the Sweetland Center for Writing at the University of Michigan. She is Gertrude Buck Collegiate Professor for distinguished scholarship and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor for excellence in teaching undergraduates, and she has received a Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award, the D’Arms Award for Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring, and the Regents’ Award for Distinguished Public Service. A former head of two US literacy associations, she is the incoming president of the Modern Language Association. Author of 12 books and over 80 articles, she recently completed a longitudinal study of the development of college writers, and she is now researching writing-to-learn pedagogies in large-enrollment introductory science courses.

Marie Bonnafé is a hospital psychiatrist in children’s and young psychiatry -in Paris (France) and Geneva (Switzerland)-, clinical psychoanalyst (member of the Psychoanalytic Society of Paris) and graduated from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS, Acronym in French), in the House of the Sciences of the Man, Paris.

In 1980 she founded the Cultural Actions Against Exclusion and Segregation Association (ACCES), together with Professor René Diatkine and Dr. Tony Lainé,, of which she is the current president. This association was born to develop projects for baby books, libraries and services to early childhood. In this partnership figures her most prominent publication, Les livres c’est bon pour les bébés, that was published in 1994 (foreword by Professor R. Diatkine, ed., By Calmann Lévy and ed. Poche Hachette, new edition in 2001, second preface by Professor B. Golse, translated into Spanish by Ed. Ocean, Mexico 2015; Greek translation planned for 2017).

María Cristina Ramos is from Argentina and lives in Neuquén, Patagonia, Argentina. She is the author of more than sixty works of literature for children and young people. It has received national and international distinctions. Some of his books were translated into Portuguese, Chinese and Korean.

In 2002 the foundation El libro, from Argentina, awarded the Prize Pregonero to Specialist for its task of promoting children’s literature. He has also published in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Spain. El trasluz, Azul la cordillera, La luna lleva un silencio, Dentro de una palabra, Mientras duermen las piedras, Gato que duerme, El mar de volverte a ver, Desierto de mar y otros poemas. For reading mediators: Aproximación a la narrativa y a la poesía para niños y La casa del aire, literatura en la escuela.

Coordinates workshops and teacher training programs. In 2016 he was awarded the Iberoamerican SM Prize for Children and Youth Literature.

Antonio Malpica nace en la Ciudad de México en marzo de 1967. En 1989 termina la carrera de Ingeniería en Computación en la UNAM pero pronto se da cuenta de que lo hace más feliz contar historias, así que empieza a hacer teatro con su hermano Javier. En 2001 publica su primera novela para grandes, “El impostor”; y la primera para chicos, “Las mejores alas”. Tiene varias novelas infantiles y juveniles publicadas y ha recibido diversos reconocimientos por ellas, como el Premio “Gran Angular” de Novela Juvenil “El Barco de Vapor” y el Premio Internacional Norma de LIJ. Formó parte del Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte desde el 2013 hasta el 2015, año en que obtiene el Premio Iberoamericano SM de literatura infantil y juvenil. Entre sus obras más recientes están “El destino y la espada”, “#Másgordoelamor” y “Lorenza, bájate del perro”.

Meetings with highlighted rapporteurs – Parallel sessions

In the European Conference

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Plácido Bazo Martínez is a member of the Specific Didactic Department of the University of La Laguna (Canary Islands). He is in the area of Didactics of Language and Literature where he is specialized in the teaching and learning of English as a Foreign Language to children. He has published several books and articles on the Teaching of English and Spanish as a Foreign Language and has been working on competency based learning for the last five years. He is assessor of the chancellor in linguistic policy and has assessed the Ministry of Education and the CRUE. His main interest of study is plurilingual education through competences and social tasks.

Marijn Brouckaert is the librarian of the Dutch-speaking public library of the City of Brussels. The common thread of his career consists of ‘connecting people through stories’. The Master in children’s literature at UAB brought him to ALIJA_IBBY Argentina in Buenos Aires and since then he worked on (children’s) literature mediation in libraries, in jails, and in educational contexts for both minors and adults.
Crossing linguistic, cultural and geographical borders is part of all mediation projects he is involved with, as well as trial-and-error-based collaborations. As such he is continually looking to exchange experiences at a local and an international level.

Jeroen Clemens. I work in education for over 35 years. Graduated at the University of Groningen in Dutch language and Literature, with a teacher certificate and a minor in Educational Sciences. At the moment I’m a language teacher at a Dalton school for secondary education. I also do research and work with teachers and schools, mostly in teacher development teams, as a coach/ consultant. My special focus is new literacies/ online literacies. Thirdly I work as a speaker and give presentations and workshops on the topic online literacies in the Netherlands and abroad. Since May 2016 I’m also a member of a think tank of the government on Media-competences (Mediawijsheid).
I worked as a teacher trainer at the Utrecht University of applied sciences for 12 years, was head of the Language Department and at the Institute for Educational Reform APS for 10 years. Member of the International Literacy Association since 1990, President of the Reading Association in the Netherlands and member of IDEC and FELA. See my website for more details

Alan Crawford, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Education at California State University, Los Angeles. He served as the ILA’s representative to UNESCO for many years, and was also a Senior Literacy Specialist at UNESCO in Paris during International Literacy Year in 1989-90. In addition, he was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Ecuador and Morocco on the topics of bilingual education/second language acquisition, and critical thinking, respectively.Dr. Crawford has done extensive teaching, consulting, and writing on reading instruction in the elementary school, especially for second language learners. He frequently presents workshops and seminars on second language acquisition, reading and writing instruction, and critical thinking in Latin America, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Europe, and Africa, as well as the United States. He has written curriculum for teaching reading in English and in Spanish for many countries, including Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Georgia, Ghana, and Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, he consults on the implementation of a trilingual programme in Kazakh, Russian, and English.

He is lead author of Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Thinking Classroom, published by IDEA in Amsterdam, and co-author of All Children Read, Understanding Reading Problems, and The Developmental Literacy Inventory, published by Pearson. He has also co-authored major English and Spanish reading programmes for the Houghton Mifflin Publishing Company in the United States, and has published widely in most of ILA’s journals, serving as a reviewer for two of them.

Ann-Sofie Selin, Ph.D., is a special education and reading teacher in Cygnaeus Elementary School in Turku, Finland, grades 1‒6. Her focus is on prevention and providing support for all learners. She is a consulting teacher for her colleagues in Turku preschool‒grade 9. Her doctorate is in pedagogical psychology, Åbo Akademi University. Fulbright Midcareer Professional Development studies in USA 1998. She has given workshops for teachers and literacy professionals in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Estonia, Russia and Georgia. Literacy volunteer since 1994: Board of Directors of Int’l Literacy (Reading) Association 2001‒2004, and currently President of FinRA (Finnish Reading Association) and Chairperson, Federation of European Literacy Associations FELA.

Douglas Fisher, Ph.D., is Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University and a teacher leader at Health Sciences High & Middle College having been an early intervention teacher and elementary school educator. He is the recipient of an International Reading Association William S. Grey citation of merit, an Exemplary Leader award from the Conference on English Leadership of NCTE, as well as a Christa McAuliffe award for excellence in teacher education. He has published numerous articles on reading and literacy, differentiated instruction, and curriculum design as well as books, such as Visible Learning for Literacy, Rigorous Reading, and Text Complexity: Raising Rigor in Reading. He can be reached at

Dr. Eufimia Tafa is a professor of preschool education in the Department of Preschool Education of the University of Crete, Greece. She is currently Dean of the Faculty of Education. She is also director of the Laboratory of Pedagogical Research and Applications of the same Department. In 2014 she was inducted in the Reading Hall of Fame (USA). Her main research areas are early literacy development dealing with classroom environments and professional development.

As a principal or co-investigator she has participated in several research projects in which she investigated various literacy issues. Having a Fulbright Scholarship, she visited (2004) the Department of Learning and Teaching at The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers and she investigated how literacy instruction can be implemented in kindergarten classrooms having children of diverse backgrounds.

Eufimia Tafa has been the author of five books related to emergent literacy. In addition, she has been the editor and co-editor in three books related to literacy in which the contributors were from Greece and from the international scientific society. Furthermore, she has been the author and co-author in more than fifty articles published in edited volumes and in major scholarly journals including the Reading Research Quarterly, the Journal of Research in Reading, the Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal. She is the chief editor of the on-line open access scientific journal Preschool and Primary Education and she is a member of the editorial advisory board of the Reading Research Quarterly. She has currently been elected president of the Hellenic Association for Language and Literacy.

José Julio Vélez Sainz. Professor at the Universidad Complutense and Director of the Institute for Theater Studies, he holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago (2002) and a second one from the Universidad de Salamanca (2008). He has previouls held positions as a “Ramón y Cajal” Research Fellow at the Complutense, as Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst and Visiting Professor in Brown, Toulouse-Jean Jaures, Ambato and Georgia. He has given over a hundred talks in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

He has published five monographs and six critical editions and 80 articles (woth a total of 19 item in the Web of Science (Thomson-ISI), 12 primary and 26 secondary documents in SCOPUS). Among his current research projects, he directs PTCE “Early Spanish Classical Theater (MINECO, FFI2015-64799-P. 2016-2019) and co-directs TEAMAD “Digital platform for the research and broadcasting of contemporary theater” (CAM, H2015/HUM-3366). He blogs at the The Huffington Post (Spain):

Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu, M.Sc., is working in education for over 30 years and has over 15 years of managerial experience in education and training programmes and projects. She is the president of the Romanian Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Association. She has also acted as project manager, training coordinator, teacher trainer, and RWCT trainer certifier for several EU-funded projects to promote the development of literacy skills and ensure access to education for disadvantaged groups. She has published numerous articles on developing literacy skills through maths as well as books (such as Math lessons for critical thinking), guidebooks for teachers and teacher trainers, and the Second Chance curriculum and teaching materials for mathematics in the Romanian Second Chance programme.

Fanuel Hanán Díaz. Degree in Literature from the Catholic University Andrés Bello and Magister Scientiarum in Sciences and Applied Arts (Venezuela). He coordinated the Book Selection Department for Children and Young Adults of Banco del Libro (Venezuela). He has given lectures and workshops in different Latin American and European universities.

Theoretician and researcher in children’s literature. Guest lecturer in Gretel, Master degree on Children’s Literature (University of Barcelona, Spain) and author of the virtual course of Creative Writing of CERLALC (Colombia). He received the scholarship of the Internationale Jugendbibliothek to develop research on ancient books for children. He has been Jury of the Bratislava Illustration Biennial, the Hans Christian Andersen Award and the Bologna Ragazzi Prize.

Editor of the magazine Barataria, specialized in Latino American Children´s Literature. He currently works at Editorial Norma and develops research proposals as an independent scholar.

Renate Valtin, professor of education (emerita), Humboldt University Berlin, Germany.

She is author/co-author of 300+ publications on reading, spelling, dyslexia, social and cognitive development and served in many literacy related committees: Member of the Reading Expert Group of PIRLS 2006 and of the German team of PIRLS 2001, 2006,2011 and 2016, Chairperson/member of the PISA/PIRLS Task Force of the International Reading Association, member of the High Level Group on Literacy, established by the EU-commission (2011-12), chairperson of IDEC (International development of Europe Committee of the International Reading Association).

Awards: First recipient of the Institute of Reading Research Fellowship of IRA (1974), Reading Hall of Fame (2000), William S. Gray Citation of Merit of the International Reading Association (2005)

More information on her website:

Jochen Weber. Magister Artium (M.A.) degree in German Literature, Spanish Literature, and Political Science from the University of Cologne (Germany). Head of the language sections and responsible for the Iberian and Ibero-American Section at the Internationale Jugendbibliothek (International Youth Library – IYL) in Munich. Editor of the IYL’s annual catalogue “The White Ravens. An International Selection of Children’s and Youth Literature”. Served as vice president of Arbeitskreis für Jugendliteratur – IBBY Germany (2006-2012) and as jury member of various children’s literature awards: Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (German Children‘s Literature Award), Premio Iberoamericano SM de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil, Concurso de Álbum Ilustrado “A la Orilla del Viento“.

María Dolores Pérez Murillo received her PhD in the area of Bilingual Education from Lancaster University, UK. She is Associate Professor at the School of Education, Complutense, University in Madrid, where she is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate courses of training for prospective teachers. Her main research interests include multilingual literacy and the uses of texts in multilingual settings, bi/multilingual classroom interaction and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) teacher development. Her recent publications have focused on Initial Teacher Education for CLIL and the students’ perceptions of a bilingual programme (Spanish/English): the joint British-Council/Spanish Ministry of Education National Bilingual Project. She has been a Visiting Scholar at the School of Education, University of Wales, Aberystwyth and she is currently, a Research Fellow at IERS (Institute of Educational Research and Service), International Christian University, Tokyo.

Shamala Ramakresinin. I have extensive experience in pedagogy and educational research within Singapore’s educational sector. I am a trained teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience in primary schools in Singapore.

Recently, I completed my doctoral studies from Nanyang Technological University, and am teaching undergraduates as an associate faculty. I teach Linguistics modules offered by the School of Arts and Social Sciences at Singapore University of Social Sciences.

Besides Linguistics modules, I also teach Communication modules to undergraduates at Centre for English Language at the National University of Singapore. From 2010 to 2015, I worked as a researcher on research projects at the National Institute of Education.