The 20th European Conference on Literacy and The 6th Iberoamerican Forum on Literacy and Learning

(Madrid, from 3 to 6 July, 2017)

“Working together to encourage equity through literacy communities: a challenge of the 21st Century”

Under this slogan, the Spanish Association of Reading and Writing (AELE) organizes these events with different institutions working from their respective fields, so that children and young people interact constantly with the written culture.

 In this context, AELE invites those who daily carry out their task with the same goal (teachers, librarians, students, families, researchers, authors, illustrators, booksellers, journalists …) to join this initiative by participating in the variety of proposals that both program present, as well as sharing their own experiences (practical cases, research reports, accounts of programs, etc.).

Contributions can be submitted -as COMMUNICATIONS, POSTERS, SYMPOSIA, ROUNDTABLES, WORKSHOPS- until 30 November.For more information, visit

The Organization is available to answer questions and give advice to those who request.

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