The 20th European Conference on Literacy will be held on the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain):

  • Faculty of Medicine (Plenary sessions – 3, July)

  • Faculty of Education (Parallels sessions – 4-5-6, July)

PLENARY sessions:


This Faculty is located in the so-called University Campus of “Ciudad Universitaria”, in the Square “Ramon y Cajal”, in the central part of the Avenue “Complutense”.

Location: Room “Ramón y Cajal” (Second floor)

Address: “Ramón y Cajal”square (Campus “Ciudad Universitaria”)

 Public transport:

  • Underground: Line 6 (colour grey); underground station “Ciudad Universitaria”; exit “ Ciudad Universitaria”.

  • Bus: Lines 82, 132, G, U

< Monday, 3 July

Tuesday, 4 July >

Wednesday, 5 July >

Thursday, 6 July >

PARALLELS sessions:


This Faculty is located in the so-called University Campus of Moncloa, It is located at Rector Royo Villanova, s/n, Street

Location: different rooms (they are specified in the programme)

Address: “Rector Royo Villanova” street (numberless), Campus “Moncloa”

Publics transport:

  • Underground: Line 6 (colour gris); underground station “Metropolitano”; exit “Juan XXIII” Street

  • Bus: Lines Circular, 45 and 132

Practical information

Map – Campus “Ciudad Universitaria” / “Moncloa”

For more information on urban transport in the city:
 Transports Metropolitans of Madrid

The city

Madrid Tourism

For more tourist information on Madrid, you can visit portals
La web oficial de turismo ¡Madrid!” o “MADRID. Region of Madrid (SPAIN)”.